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  • virtualenv
  • pip
  • bash

To install and/or run

From a bash shell, run:

$ ./

If this is your first time running it (if the folder ENV/ doesn't exist), the script will create a virtualenv in the folder ENV/, then install the required packages from requirements.txt.

Regardless, it will then start a bash shell in this virtualenv, from which you can use roco.

Running RoCo

Example scripts are in the tests/ folder. For a simple paper structure, try running in the paper/ folder. If you are running a headless display, instead run it as a pytest module:

$ cd tests
$ python -m pytest paper/

For a simple wooden structure, try running in the wood/ folder.

Manufacturing files will be generated in the output/ directory.


Start the webapp:

$ cd flaskapp
$ python

Then view the app by going to http://localhost:5000 from a webbrowser.