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Wireless Servo Control, with ESP as Access Point
Connect phone or laptop to "ESP_XXXX" wireless network, where XXXX is the ID of the robot
Go to
A webpage with four buttons should appear. Click them to move the robot.
In Arduino, go to Tools > ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload to upload the files from ./data to the ESP
Then, in Arduino, compile and upload sketch to the ESP
Arduino support for ESP8266 board
In Arduino, add URL to Files > Preferences > Additional Board Managers URL.
Websockets library
To install, Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries... > Websockets > Install
ESP8266FS tool
To install, create "tools" folder in Arduino, download, and unzip. See
* NodeMCU Amica DevKit Board (ESP8266 chip)
* Motorshield for NodeMCU
* 2 continuous rotation servos plugged into motorshield pins D1, D2
* Paper chassis
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